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The MOC302_ series are optically coupledisolators consisting of a Gallium Arsenideinfrared emitting diode coupled with a lightactivated silicon bilateral switch performing thefunctions of a triac mounted in a standard 6 pindual-in-line package.

? Motor Controls
? Solid state relays
? For triggering high power thyristor and triac
? Household use equipment
? AC Motor Drives
? AC Motor Starters
? E.M. Contactors
? Lighting Controls
? Solenoid/Valve Controls
? Solid State Relays
? Static Power Switches
? Temperature Controls

? Isolation voltage between input and output Viso: 5,000Vrms
? 6pin DIP photocoupler, triac driver output
? High repetitive peak off-state voltage VDRM: Min. 400V
? High critical rate of rise of off-state voltage( dV/dt : MIN.1000V / us )