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The AM26C32 device is a four-way differential line receiver for Balanced or unbalanced digital data transmission. All four receivers have Enable function, this function provides two optional inputs: high level with Effective input and low-level effective input. Through the three-state output, the device Can be directly connected to the bus organization system. Failsafe design regulations
When the input is open, the output is always high.The AM26C32 device is manufactured using the BiCMOS process, which
Effectively integrates bipolar transistors and CMOS transistors. The process can realize the high voltage and high current resistance characteristics of the bipolar transistor.It can also realize the low power consumption characteristics of CMOS, and the power consumption of the device can be reduced to about one-fifth of the AM26LS32 standard device, while still being able to
Maintain AC and DC performance.

? High-reliability automotive applications
? Factory automation
? ATM and money counter
? Smart grid
? AC and servo motor drives

? Meets or exceeds ANSI TIA/EIA-422-B, TIA/EIA-423-B and ITU recommendations V.10 and V.11 requirements.
? Low power consumption, ICC = 10mA (typical value)
? ±7V common mode range with ±200mV sensitivity
? Input hysteresis: 60mV (typical value)
? tpd = 17ns (typical value)
? Adopt 5V single power supply
? Three-state output
? Input failsafe circuit
? It is an improved substitute for AM26LS32 device
? Can be used in Q-Temp cars