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The CS5817 is an 8-segment × 16-bit LED display drive control dedicated circuit, which integrates MCU digital interface, data latch, LED drive, and clock oscillation circuit. It uses dynamic display to drive 8-segment × 16-bit LED digital tubes. CS5817 passes I2C serial interface exchanges data with single chip microcomputer, etc.

? VCD/DVD/DVB display
? Induction cooker display
? Rice cooker display
? Air conditioning display
? Set-top box display LED digital display driver for small appliances

? Using CMOS process
? Working voltage: 3.0V- 5.0V
? Super input port interference
? Display mode: 8 segments×16 bits
? I(2)Cserial bus (SCL, SDA)
? Built-in RC oscillator
? Built-in power-on reset circuit
? Package form: SOP28, SDIP28ESD HDM: >6KV