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The TOSHIBA TLP250(INV) consists of a GaAlAs light emitting diode and a
integrated photodetector.
This unit is 8-lead DIP.
TLP250(INV) is suitable for gate driving circuit of IGBT or power MOS FET.
??Input Threshold Current : I F =5mA(MAX)
??Supply Current(ICC) : 11mA(MAX)
??Supply Voltage(VCC) : 10~35V
??Output Current(IO) : ±2.0A(MAX)
??Switching Time(tpLH/tpHL) : 0.5μs(MAX)
??Isolation Voltage : 2500Vrms
??UL Recognized : UL1577,File No.E67349
VDE Approved : DIN VDE0884/06.92 Certificate No.76823
Maximum Operating Insulation Voltage : 630V PK
Highest Permissible Over Voltage : 4000V PK