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The SN65HVD232 controller area network (CAN) transceivers is designed for use with the Texas Instruments TMS320Lx240x?; 3.3-V DSPs with CAN controllers, or with equivalent devices. They are intended for use in applications employing the CAN serial communication physical layer in accordance with the ISO 11898 standard. Each CAN transceiver is designed to provide differential transmit capability to the bus and differential receive capability to a CAN controller at speeds up to 1 Mbps. Designed for operation in especially-harsh environments, these devices feature cross-wire protection,loss-of-ground and overvoltage
protection, overtemperature protection, as well as wide common-mode range.The transceiver interfaces the single-ended CAN controller with the differential CAN bus found in industrial,building automation, and automotive applications. It operates over a -2-V to 7-V common-mode range on the bus, and it can withstand common-mode transients of ±25 V.The SN65HVD232 is a basic CAN transceiver with no added options; pins 5 and 8 are NC, no connection.

? Motor Control
? Industrial Automation
? Basestation Control and Status
? Robotics
? Automotive
? UPS Control

? Operates With a 3.3-V Supply
? Comply with ISO 11898-2 standard
? PCA82C250 packaged low-power alternative products
? Bus pin electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection over ±16kV human body model Type (HBM)
? High input impedance, allowing up to 120 nodes to be connected on a bus
? Adjustable drive conversion time to improve radiation performance
? Designed for data rates up to 1Mbps(1)
? Thermal shutdown protection
? Open circuit fail safe design
? Glitch-free pulse power-on and power-off protection for hot-plug applications
(1) The signal transmission rate of the line refers to the number of voltage conversions per second, in bps (Bits per second).