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The SN65HVD3082EDR is a half-duplex transceiver specially designed for RS-485 data bus network. These devices are powered by a 5V power supply and are fully compliant with TIA/EIA-485A standards. These device has a controlled conversion time and is suitable for data transmission over long twisted-pair cables.SN65HVD3082E and SN75HVD3082E devices are optimized to support signal transmission rates up to 200kbps. The SN65HVD3085E device is suitable for data transmission up to 1Mbps, while the SN65HVD3088E device is suitable for applications that require a signal transmission rate of up to 20Mbps.

According to the design, these devices can work with very low supply current (usually 0.3mA, excluding load). In inactive shutdown mode, the supply current can be reduced to a few nanoamps, so these devices are ideal for power-sensitive applications. The wide common mode range and high ESD protection levels of these devices make them suitable for demanding applications such as energy meter networks, electrical inverters, status and command signals on telecommunication racks, wired chassis interconnections, and noise tolerance limited to critical industrial automation networks. These devices conform to the industry-wide size of the SN75176 device. The power-on reset circuit keeps the output in a high impedance state until the power supply voltage is stable. The thermal shutdown function protects the device from damage caused by system failure problems.The rated operating temperature range of SN75HVD3082E is 0°C to 70°C, while the rated operating temperature range of SN65HVD3082EDR is -40°C to 85°C. The D package version of SN65HVD3082E has a rated operating temperature range of -40°C to 105°C.

? Energy meter network
? motor control
? Power inverter
? automated industry
? Building automation network
? Battery-powered applications
? Telecommunications equipment

? Adopt small MSOP-8 package
? Meets or exceeds TIA/EIA-485A standard requirements
? Low static power
- 0.3mA in active mode
- 1nA in shutdown mode
? 1/8 unit load, up to 256 nodes on a bus
? Up to 15kV bus pin ESD protection
? Industry common SN75176 package
? Failsafe receiver (open bus, short bus,Bus free)
? Interference-free power-on and power-off bus input and output